Friday, February 23, 2018

35 Emergency Foods You should Include in your Food Storage

Modern life has led people away from their backyard gardens and well-stocked root cellars. These once farmhouse staples helped ensure that families could feed themselves no matter how long the road to town was, what the weather was like, or their economic situation.

While access to grocery stores makes it seem like there’s no need to worry about keeping food on the table, there are many potential emergencies that could happen: losing your job, blizzards, or even economic collapse. These things could leave your family without a secure food source. Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse it’s easy and wise to stockpile emergency foods.
Below you’ll find a list of 35 emergency foods you should be stockpiling. With all of these foods on hand, you’ll be eating well no matter what happens.

1. Flour/Wheat Berries

Obviously, flour is a staple of the modern diet, but there are a few things to consider before running out and buying big bags of it. First, whole wheat flour doesn’t store well. The oils have been released from the wheat berries and it can go rancid quickly. Second white flour offers little nutritional value. For these reasons, the best option may be to purchase whole wheat berries which store well while retaining their nutrition, especially those in #10 cans. Whole wheat berries can be easily turned into flour with a hand crank mill, they can be cooked whole as hot cereal, or they can be added to soups and stews. Wheat berries can also be planted.

2. Salt

Salt is so much more than a seasoning. In a survival situation it is essential to preserving food. It can be used to salt meats and pickle or can garden produce.

3. Sugar

This is another essential preservative. With sugar, it’s easy to put up fruit and jam for winter.

4. Honey

Honey is more than just a tasty treat! It’s natural preservative, immune system booster, antibacterial, and anti fungal. Make sure you get real honey and not the fake stuff.

5. Baking Soda

It’s cheap and absolutely worth stocking up on. It’s an important leavening agent in many recipes and can be combined with a little vinegar and used in place of eggs in quick breads and cake recipes. It also makes a good, natural cleaner and deodorizer. It’s just over a dollar a pound.

6. Baking Powder

Another leavening agent, baking powder is an important part of many recipes. It’s also cheap and easy to store.

7. Dry Yeast

It may be advisable to store both bread yeast as well as yeast for brewing beer or wine. Even if you have these on hand, it’s also important to learn how to make sourdough or wild yeast starters so that you could make your own bread even if your supply ran out.

8. Dehydrated Milk

It may not be as tasty as fresh milk, but dehydrated milk can add essential fats and proteins to your diet in a survival situation. It’s also important for many recipes that just wouldn’t be the same with water, plus it lasts a long time.

9. Rendered Lard

Modern recommendations are to freeze lard, but not that long in the past it was commonly just kept in canning jars or crocks and even used to preserve meat. If you’re making lard at home, make sure you render it, removing all the perishable parts.

10. Vegetable Oil (olive, coconut, etc.)

Vegetable oil can add important fats to a survival diet and is important for many dressings and sauces. It’s also great for many herbal preparations and soaps. Oil doesn’t last forever so it’s a good idea to rotate your stock or at least regularly check and make sure your oils haven’t gone rancid. I’m a big fan of Nature’s Way Coconut Oil.

11. Dried Flint/Dent Corn

Flint or dent corn are varieties that are grown to be dried, ground, and used as a grain not sweet corn. They last virtually forever and are easy to grind to make cornbread, tortillas, grits, etc. Plus you can plant some to grow more as needed.

12. Pasta

While you can always make your own pasta, having some on hand is convenient in an emergency. It offers a quick and filling meal, plus it’s fairly lightweight and easy to store.

13. Cereal

Many families are accustomed to eating cereals, but they’re also important because they’re fortified. Most cereals contain a large part of your daily vitamin requirements.

14. Popcorn

Plain popping kernels are easy to store and great for keeping spirits high. For the amount of space they take up, they offer a lot of snacks.

15. Instant Potatoes

Instant potatoes offer a lot of benefits for little cost. They’re filling, cheap, last practically forever, and are lightweight and small in storage. They also only require boiling water, so you won’t use much fuel making them.
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

8 Fall Decor Ideas

Fall is my favorite season of all. I love the smells and the colors. I love the crisp cool air and being outside. One of my favorite things to do is decorate for the holidays and bring some of the fall colors inside. These are a few of my favorite fall decor ideas.

What are some of your favorite fall decorations?

Friday, August 18, 2017

Back To School Tip

Let me first say that me and organized don’t usually belong in the same sentence, but for 3 school years now this system has totally worked for me, so that’s gotta say something.
I have 3 kids, one that is off to college and twin middle schoolers. Over the years we’ve evolved how we handle homework in our house. We have discovered that what works best for us is to have everyone working at the kitchen table together. Then mom and dad are close by if they need help and there are less distractions. (this post contains affiliate links)
This however created a problem in the kitchen.  It seemed I always had pens, pencils and paper all over the table even after they were done.  A couple of years ago, I got the idea to create a Homework Station on my kitchen table.  Everything they need contained in one place and it’s easily moved out of the way when needed.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

12 Simple Ways to Bring Peace into Your Home

She dropped by unannounced.
And I couldn’t help cringing somewhat. Ever-so-slightly mortified.
You see, she was an author, something of a celebrity, and now a personal friend.
So, of course, I was thrilled to see her, but was also deeply concerned about the impression we were making. Suddenly self-conscious of the layer of dust on the piano and the ridiculous pile of dirty socks by the front door.
I faintly whispered to my husband, “Oh, what must she be thinking??”
And his helpful response, “That we live here.” (Thank you, Dear).
But we soon lost ourselves in conversation and enjoyed a lovely time of catching up on each others’ lives. Ignoring the young boys rollerblading through the entryway and the teens crooning love songs while cleaning up the lunch dishes.
Our own happy kind of chaos.
The hour passed quickly and our glamorous friend got up to go. Before leaving, however, she turned to say something. Then stopped. Clearly something was on her mind.
“I don’t know quite how to say this….,” she began.
Oh dear. Here it comes.
“But you know what I’ve noticed whenever I’m in your home?”
The dust? The heap of shoes on the porch? An impressive amount of loud noise? Some of my silent guesses.
“It’s the peace that I find here.”
Hubby gave me a slight nudge.
Well.  What d’ya know.
Where I saw mess and mayhem, she saw joy and contentment.

A peaceful home.

Maybe there’s no easy formula, but here are 12 simple things that can help bring peace into your home:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Perfect Frosted Sugar Cookies

I think it’s safe to say I have a slight sugar cookie obsession. If you’ve been following my blog you’ve likely noticed by now. But really, who doesn’t love frosted sugar cookies? I mean how can you not love them? The only people that don’t are liars, I’m just kidding everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion. But those of you that don’t like them, well lets just say we probably don’t have much in common.

I know I’ve already posted a sugar cookie recipe, well that’s old news. Those are good, but these are better. These are so soft, so fluffy, so tender. Basically they melt in your mouth dreamy.

So, you may be asking, what is that makes these special? To answer that, it’s a combination of things. The texture is amazing thanks to the cake flour and cornstarch. Don’t substitute all-purpose flour for the cake flour or your cookie will end up heavy and dense (compared to what you get with the cake flour, besides you’d have to adjust the portions anyway because cake flour is lighter). I know cake flour is more expensive than all-purpose flour but sometimes its worth it, in this case it’s definitely worth it. The combination of butter and vegetable shortening also helps the texture, especially when it’s whipped to fluffy perfection. I got the inspiration to use egg plus egg white along with the almond extract from white cake. This is one cookie that is meant to be a bit cake-y, it gives it that amazing, pillow-y as clouds bite.

If you like the Lofthouse style cookies from the store, trust me you’re going to want to try these. I think these far outdo those. Those almost taste like plastic to me, good texture but weird taste. I even like these more than my old favorite from the local bakery. These are my new favorite! Enjoy and share!


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

10 products to help grow your spring garden

It's safe to say that everyone's been looking forward to the sun to come out and flowers to bloom. 'Tis the season to start thinking about your home garden and the beautiful flowers and textures you want to fill it with.
From a perfect pair of gloves to avoid invasive thorns to the must-have hand trowel of the season, these are the 9 products you need to successfully bloom your spring garden!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

12 Months Of No Processed Foods – Crock Pot Recipes

 I personally am sick and tired of always eating processed foods, majority coming from fast food restaurants. As a family we decided to eat healthier and in doing so we actually saved a lot of money and feel better than ever.
Eating no processed foods is paramount to living a healthy life. Don’t be alarmed if you see that some of these recipes call for what we call “minimally processed foods”, for example, ketchup, canned vegetables, etc These are minimally processed foods but can also be made from scratch if you like. I buy everything organic and any meats grass fed without hormones.
But thankfully these meals are all wholesome and very easy to make. I love crockpot meals because all you do is chop up and add all the ingredients, turn it to low before you go to work and when you return you have a fully cooked meal that will fill you up and not cause you stress because the cooking is already done! Unless otherwise noted, all recipes are gluten free. Please read all labels carefully each and every time, as manufacturers change ingredients/manufacturing processes quite often. If you aren’t gluten free, just ignore my notes!

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