Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Trick-or-Treat Safety 101

Did you know that Halloween night is the most dangerous night for kids and automobile accidents? Yup, on average every other day of the year there are three accidents every single day that involve kids and cars. On Halloween night that number is doubled to six!

I don't want to see anymore kids get hurt on Halloween so I have put together this list of safety measures that we as parents can use to make our Halloween safe and fun for our kids!

1. First off if you are not going out with your kids on Halloween night then you might suggest that they go out with a big group of kids. Remember that safety in numbers is best.

2. Make sure that your child's costume is easy to walk in (or lets be honest, run in) and make sure that they can easily see so they can watch for oncoming vehicles.

3. Make sure that you child's costume is visible from at least 75 feet away. Make sure that their costumes either have reflective tape, or some sort of light like a glow stick or flashlight. That way they are more noticeable to cars and other people.

4. Talk with your kids about what homes are acceptable to go to while trick-or-treating. A good rule of thumb is to only go to those homes who have outside lights on. Remind your kids to never go into anyone's home. This is not safe!

5. Last but not least have good trick-or-treating etiquette. Handing out candy is not mandatory. Remember to say thank you!

Monday, October 27, 2014

16 Amazing Chicken Recipes

I am not the biggest fan of cooking. Maybe it is because there is always someone who doesn't like it. I have picky eaters. However in my attempt to make mealtime healthy and tasty I don't give up. My family loves chicken and what a blessing because that is healthier than beef and much cheaper too!

Here are a bunch of yummy chicken recipes that you can try. If you like them then go on over to my food page on Pinterest and check out what else I have.

What other yummy chicken recipes do your family enjoy?

Ginger Garlic Baked Chicken Recipe

Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY Chevron Wall

Okay so this is a project that I started just two weeks after we moved into our house in January of 2013. We still had many boxes to unpack and all sorts of things to organize. I how ever couldn't wait to get my DIY on. Oh look at how clean and white my walls were!

If this is a project that you have seen before and thought that it is so cute and you want it in your house then let me just warn you that this is not a project for the faint of heart. This takes time and attention to detail. Believe me it was very hard to start drawing all over my brand new walls and then tape that bad boy up.

If you don't feel intimidated and you are pretty confident in your taping abilities then feel free to make your walls look amazing! 

Here are a few tips that I would give you before you start though:

1. Invest in a high quality painters tape. You want straight lines that don't bleed and the only way to get that is with a good tape.

2. Draw on your walls using a ruler and pencil. Make sure that you have everything measured out and drawn before you start taping. You can see my rectangles on the wall. Mine were 5 inches by 10 inches. This will make it so much easier once you start taping.

3. Draw lightly! You don't want to have grove marks in your wall or dark lines that you might have to erase afterwords. Don't make more work then you need to.

I hope that these tips help you out. This was a fun project that was frustrating at times but so worth it in the end! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free Harvest Printable

I love this time of the year! The colors on the trees and the fall crisp air. Nothing gets me more excited than this time of the year. I put together this printable and I can't wait to hang it in my home.

You can get it here.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

25 Fantastic Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home

I love Fall! Have I mentioned that it is my favorite season? I love the crispness in the air and the amazing colors. Who could not love the smell of bonfires and hot apple pie? There are so many things that I love about this time of the year. Just looking at all of these cute ideas has me anxious to get my Fall decor out and decorate for my favorite time of the year!

Here are 25 fantastic Fall decor ideas for your home that I am sure that you can find some inspiration from. 

What is your favorite thing about Fall?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Super Cute Christmas Gift: DIY Baby Doll Diapers!

I saw this idea on Pinterest a couple of years ago and I thought that it was so cute! I was pregnant with my first daughter at the time and I knew that this was something that I wanted to keep for future reference. 

Little did I know that these little cloth baby doll diapers would be a huge hit and to top it off they were super fast and easy to make.

I am going to give you the lay down on how easy it was to make these!

What you will need:

- Pick out some cute pattern fabric. I chose flannel, 1/4 yard made four diapers.
- 1/4 yard of fabric for the inside of the diaper. I went with a white terry cloth.
- Velcro
- Thread

Next you need to cut out a pattern for your diapers. The best way to do this is to find the baby doll that you are going to be making the diapers for and measure and guess. Lay the doll down on a piece of paper and get an idea of how big you need the pattern. Then eyeball it and draw something similar to this:

Cut your piece out and then grab your doll and wrap it around the doll to make sure that it will be the right size. You can make the straps on the top longer if you want, but not to much.

Once you have your pattern just right the next thing that you want to do is lay out your fabric and start cutting. I did this part two at a time. so fold your fabric in half and cut out two pieces on each types of fabric (your flannel and terry cloth).

Then layer one flannel piece and one terry cloth piece right sides together and sew together leaving enough room at one end to turn inside out. Don't forget to back stitch when you start and finish this step. This will make it easier to turn inside out.

Next turn the diaper inside out and fold in your unfinished end and pin it closed.

Finally you are ready to sew the Velcro onto the diaper. Cut out your pieces of Velcro and sew them to the diaper like shown.

Make sure that you sew them on good, because if your daughter and her friends are anything like mine then these will be used a lot and with a lot of tough love!

I hope that you enjoyed this little tutorial and I hope that they turned out as cute as mine!

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