Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HaLlOwEeN Candy Corn Wreath

 I finally finished one of my many projects for Halloween this year. I have so many and I kept on running into problems with other projects that I felt that I was never going to get done, so I got a simple one done today and I feel better. Just a little bit better. I think listening to Christmas music while I worked helped :)

This is so easy to make. What you will need is a foam wreath, lots of hot glue some ribbon and candy corn. I used two bags.                  

All you have to do is hot glue the candy corn around the wreath and when you start a new row switch the direction of the candy until you are done. Easy as that!


Once you are finished with the wreath it will look like this:

Add some cute ribbon and tie a cute bow. I used my Bowdabra to make the bow. And all finished ta-da!! It didn't take that long and it is cute. Why did I wait so long to make one of these?

What cute candy wreaths have you see or tried to make lately?

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