Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fabric Rosette Tutorial

Okay I know that most people know how to make these fabric rosettes, but I am sure that someone out there doesn't have a clue and would like to know. So in honor of that person out there I have whipped up a quick tutorial on how to make a fabric rosette.

1. You need to decide what fabric you want. You don't need a special kind of fabric, just plain old cotton fabric will do. Just decide what print or color you want.

2. Cut or rip your fabric into strips that are anywhere from three to seven or eight inches wide and about twelve inches long. You can have them longer if you want bigger rosettes.

3. Tie a knot at the end on one of the strips of fabric and then hot glue the knot down on another piece of fabric. I like to use felt, but you can use the same cotton fabric if you want.

4. Then twist the fabric and glue down around the knot like the picture shown below.

5. Once you get the size of rosette that you want, cut the remaining fabric off leaving about an inch. Then fold the inch of fabric over to the other side and tack it down with hot glue.

There you go. Easy peasy right? Now you can go on to make lots of cute things with rosettes of all colors.

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