Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Food Storage Basics: Getting Started Is This Easy!

Have you had that nagging feeling before that you need to get started on your food storage? Or have you started building a small supply, but you don't feel like you really know what you are doing or you wish that someone would help you out just a little bit when it comes to getting started? Point you in the right direction?

Well I hear you! This is where I was about six years ago. The hubs and I wanted to start building our food storage. We had both been feeling the urge to start stocking away extra food for a rainy day or emergency. We however had no idea where to start and we were so overwhelmed.

We decided to take an extra $20.00 every time I went grocery shopping and put that towards our food storage. We did this for a couple of years and it was amazing what we had build up and how fast we had accumulated food.

Another really good way to stock up on things is to watch for sales at your local grocery store. When something goes on sale that you use often then buy extra!

One of my favorite ways to stock up on my food storage supplies is to shop all of my local grocery stores case lot sales. Ridley's is having theirs right now for the next two weeks and I plan on getting a few things.

1. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind when adding food to your food storage is to buy things that your family likes to eat. Don't buy new things that you don't know if your family likes. As a rule of thumb, I put everyday items in my food storage. It is like a mini grocery store for us. If we run out of ketchup we get some out of the food storage. Then when it goes on sale or a case lot comes around I stock back up on ketchup.

2. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate! I can not say this enough. If you are not rotating your food then you will have some that will go bad. Don't spend the money to have to throw it away because it went bad. This is another reason why we "shop" from our food storage and then re-stock when it goes on sale or at case lot sales.

3. Don't forget who you are buying food storage for. If you have a baby or someone with a special diet, make sure that they have what they need. Along the same lines if you need diapers or wet wipes stock up! Other non-food items are a good thing to consider adding along with first-aid supplies.

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