Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are You Prepared for a Water Emergency?

Lets face it when it comes to being prepared for an emergency most of us fall in the "it's never going to happen to me" category. You see stuff on the news all of the time or you read about it on Facebook. Something has happened that causes people to go into survival mode. 

Well yesterday I was given a firsthand look at the craziness that ensues when people are faced with an emergency and they are not prepared. Someone tampered with our city's water tanks and the whole city was asked for safety reasons to not use any water for a little over 24 hours.

Okay so I was fine with the no cleaning, but no one likes to find out that your water might be contaminated. We all need water to survive. It is a necessity. You can only go three days without it before you die. 

I might suggest that if you don't have a water supply set aside for emergency's then you might want to consider doing so. You don't want to be like the many people who freaked out after they found out about the water. Walmart, Smiths, and Costco all sold out of water shortly after the news broke. People were fighting in the store over bottled water.

The easiest way to be prepared is to have a supply of water stored in your home. There are many ways that this can be done. You can spend a lot of money and buy expensive water storage containers for your home or you can use emptied and cleaned out plastic containers. Either way start saving now even if you have to do a little bit at a time. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What are some ways that you store water in your home?

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