Thursday, November 20, 2014

12 days of Christmas

I found this in the Daily Herald Newspaper online. I have always wanted to do the 12 Day's of Christmas to someone, but never really had any good ideas of what to do.

I think that this is perfect!

The “12 Days of Christmas” is a standard part of the Christmas season — like Charlie Brown or mistletoe. It’s a fun little song with unknown origins, although there are speculations that circle. For a fun family service project, use the “12 Days of Christmas” as a catalyst for gift-giving to a family in your area.

Have everyone suggest people to receive the 12 Days of Christmas and why. Then discuss and decide as a family who should be the recipient or recipients. Perhaps it’s someone who is particularly lonely, or a family with health problems. Maybe it’s a family who has done extra nice things for you over the past year.
Use the verses, one for each day beginning on Dec. 13 and ending on Christmas Eve, and deliver tokens and a note explaining how it coincides with the song.

 We give examples of what could be given, although some may need to be tailored for the recipients. On the first night, include a note explaining what these nightly gifts are, for example: “Congratulations! You are receiving the gifts of the 12 Days of Christmas. Watch your doorstep each night until Christmas Eve to find out why we think your so great.”

It’s also fun to do this in secret. Leave each present on the doorstep, ring the bell and run. Watching from the bushes makes it even more fun.

I really love this version of the 12 days of Christmas, so I made these cute cards that you can print off for your own 12 day's of Christmas!

{Click on the picture to save it to your computer}

Gift list:
Day 1: Basket of pears
Day 2: Turtle chocolates and Dove chocolates
Day 3: Gift card for French Fries at a fast-food restaurant
Day 4: Whistle — any type, such as slide whistle, referee whistle, recorder, etc., available in toy departments or dollar stores.
Day 5: Candy Ring Pops
Day 6: Dozen eggs. If farm-fresh eggs are available in your area, all the better.
Day 7: Hand or dish towels
Day 8: Hot cocoa mix
Day 9: Candy canes
Day 10: Slipper socks
Day 11: Bouquet of balloons
Day 12: Collection of kitchen utensils such as a wooden spoon, spatula, whisk, etc., tied with a ribbon.

Enjoy & Merry Christmas!

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