Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring has Sprung Printable

Oh am I in trouble. It had hit me hard. I officially have spring fever. Ever since February we have had great weather, and I mean great. Jacket wearing, almost shorts wearing weather. In fact for the past week it has been in the 70's. I mean where has this weather come from? I am not going to jinx it though. I love it. 

In fact everything is starting to bloom and the leaves on my trees are even starting to bud. Easter is in a couple of weeks and you can definitely feel it in the air. So in honor of Spring making it's glorious entrance back to my neck of the woods, I have decided to make this cute printable. Yup, it's free as usual! Get it here and please if you like this check out my face book page here and like it so you can follow along and keep up with everything in my 30 something life!

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