Thursday, April 16, 2015

DIY Wainscoting

I knew when we build our house that I wanted to do something with my walls. I also new that I wanted it to be something different. It seemed that everyone was doing the same things and I wanted something different. I don't really like to follow the crowd. When I saw a picture of this wainscoting I was sold. I loved everything about it. I have it on two walls so far in my house and I have plans to put it up on four more.

If you can use a saw and make 45 degree cuts then you can do this!

What you will need for this project:

- Wood. Check out your local Home Depot. They have lots of different decorative trim that you can use for this project. I chose two different kids to work with.
- Wood glue
- Finishing nails and nail gun
- Putty or filler
- Paint

This was a really simple process. 

First, I first drew out on my wall where I wanted everything. There is something about drawing on your wall when you are an adult that is actually exciting.

Second, measure your mark on the wall and then measure it to your wood. Make sure to leave room for your 44 degree angle.

Third, make your cut with your saw and then glue it onto the wall.

Fourth, for extra strength take your finishing nails and put three or four in each section of cut wood. This will make extra sure that it wont be going anywhere. 

The final thing that you do it put a little bit of putty or filler over each nail and seam and then sand it down and paint! 

Viola! You are done.

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