Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Germany.... My 2nd Home!!!!

Oh I am so home sick for Germany. I know that I only lived there for four years, but they were good years and I learned to love the people and the country.
I remember when I was in Middle School I had to do a report on a country of my choice and I chose Germany. I had always felt a kind of special bond I guess you could say to that country. It is so beautiful!! And that is not an understatement. This picture above is in Weurzburg. That is the castle on the hill. You can't tell very much, but the statue there is on a bridge called All Saints Bridge. During WW2 most of the castle and bridge were destroyed. The bridge goes over I think the Rhine river. Weurzberg was the biggest town closest to Kitzingen where we lived. Love it, miss it!!

In Weurzburg there is a huge building that was built forever ago called the Residence. This is a massive home. It was built by the "king" to live in while the Castle was being built if I remember right. This is from the back. The residence has the most beautiful gardens. In the front there is a huge statue in a water fountain. When they held social gathering at the Residence the guests would arrive in carriages and drive into the front of the building into the house to grand stair cases and they would be announced like in the fairy tales. This is such a beautiful building!!

This is the Neuschwanstein Castle or better known, the Cinderella Castle. This is such a beautiful castle. It is in the heart of the Black Forrest in Germany. This is the castle that Walt Disney used as a model for the Cinderella Castle in Disneyland. This is truly a magical castle. We traveled here a few times and I could never get board of it. It is nestled into the mountain side with a lake behind it. You have to hike up to the castle a good couple of miles or if you are like me the last time we went just one day after I got out of the hospital from having Braden, you can ride a carriage ride up. I do have to warn you though, and this is no joke!!! The horses have a gas problem and it is a rather stinky ride. However thescenery makes up for that!!

And this is Rothenberg. One of my favorite little towns. Why you ask? Because this is where the all famous Kathy Wolfart store is. This is a Christmas lovers dream and it is open all year long. Everything in this store is hand made and very pricey. They certainly have there own style of decorating for the Holidays. Also in this town the have a huge clock tower that has life size figurine's that come out and dance on the hour. It is very fun to watch.

Oh yes, I really do miss Germany and Europe for that matter. This is just an advanced call out. We are planning on going to Europe in a couple of years for a couple of weeks. We want to take a group of people with us for a major fun trip. It is not going to be cheep so if you want to go then save your money now!! We are going to take the Euro train and travel all over. I will be a blast!!

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