Friday, August 12, 2016

15 Creative & Fun Lunch Ideas to Pack in your Kids School Lunchbox!

I don't know about you, but when those busy school mornings begin I have so much to do to get all my kids out the door and to the bus on time. Usually the last thing on my mind is making and packing school lunches. I found the funnest, and lets be honest super easy to pack, clean and store, lunch boxes and I can't wait to get my kids lunches ready this year! I think that this will make the"chore" of getting lunch ready for everyone so much easier.

Have you heard of Easy Lunchboxes? I just stumbled across them while I was online and I feel like I just found the holy grail of lunchboxes! 

When you purchase these amazing lunchboxes you get them in a set of four and they come in many different color combinations. The best thing about these lunch boxes in that they are dishwasher safe! Woot Woot! That makes it so much easier to clean up afterwards. My kids can even do it. Oh and they are a great price, you get four for only $13.95. You can't beat that price. 

If you like the Easy Lunchbox and you would like to try them out for yourself then you can find them here

OK now here is the fun part. Packing these fun lunchboxes. If your kids are like mine then they hate having sandwiches everyday. Lets face it, I would also. So I searched the internet and found lots of fun ideas of yummy food to send to school with my kids. Here are a few:

April Showers Lunch

Peter Cottontail Lunch

Don't these all look so yummy. I know that coming up with ideas for your lunchboxes can be hard so I found some for you! 

I hope that all of these lunch ideas help you out with your school day adventures and if you haven't tried the Easy Lunchbox yet you should give it a try. They are amazing!

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